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7 Examples Of Old School Horsemaning

Think Horsemaning started in the 1920s? Think again!

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5. Beheading Of St. John The Baptist

Perhaps one of the best known Horsemaning proponents, Saint John The Baptist is the subject of many Renaissance era paintings, including this reproduction of one by Pieter Pauwel Rubens in 1610.


2. The Beheading Of Marie Antoinette

The French Revolution was a golden era in Horsemaning. Large contraptions made of wood and iron, known as guillotines were made to overcome the cumbersome problem of 2 people posing while 1 paints the portrait. Instead, one person could pose while another painted. Marie Antoinette was said to be very fond of the craze, with thousands turning out to see her perform. Despite her status as a celebrity horsemaner, portraits of Marie horsemaning are less numerous than those of the guillotine itself.

1. The Execution Of Robespierre

French Enlightenment thinker and all around party guy Maximilien François Marie Isidore de Robespierre was also known to execute a convincing Horsemaning pose at least once, with the help of his pal King Louis XVI.