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    5 Dangerous Crazes Your Kids Are Using To Get High

    Kids across the nation are doing dangerous things to get their kicks! You won't believe how some parents are actually encouraging these behaviors!

    • 1. Rocking

      Seen here, a group of children is groomed to "rock" using something called a "rock climbing wall."

    • 2. Treeing

      Source. No one can be certain where the practice of climbing trees began, but its prevalence around the world is a disturbing sign of childhood lost.

    • 3. Kiting

      Source. Although slightly less dangerous than Rocking or Treeing, kiting allows the user to "get high" vicariously through a form of wind-summoning witchcraft.

    • 4. Planing

      Source. Even more extreme than Kiting is Planing. Planers utilize tiny radio controlled aircrafts to get high. Fans of Planing have been known to say "Planing is like Kiting ON STEROIDS."

    • 5. Growing

      Source. Some parents are encouraging children as young as 1 year old to "grow" using psychedelically large rulers like something out of Alice In Wonderland. According to sources within Flinstone's Vitamins, over 10 million kids are already addicted to growing.

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