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10 Women With Mens' Chests

Guaranteed to make you uncomfortable. And yet it's entirely safe for work.

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  • 1. Jennifer Aniston

    Torso: Unknown
    [via humpingturtles] After seeing this picture that Matt found, I knew immediately that more of these needed to be made.

  • 2. Juliane Hough

    Torso: Kiowa Gordon

  • 3. Kendra Wilkinson

    Torso: Unknown

  • 4. Christina Aguilera

    Torso: Channing Tatum

  • 5. Beyonce

    Torso: Tyson Beckford

  • 6. Kim Kardashian

    Torso: Robert Buckley

  • 7. Lindsay Lohan

    Torso: Justin Gaston

  • 8. Leeann Rimes

    Torso: Channing Tatum

  • 9. Kristin Cavallari

    Chest: Zac Efron

  • 10. Miley Cyrus

    Torso: Unknown