10 Great Moments In Pie Assault History

All of this buzz about Rupert Murdoch getting hit with a pie has me nostalgic. Ranging from a near miss to the pie heard round the world, here are my picks for the greatest moments in pie assault history.

10. Ann Coulter Narrowly Escapes Getting Pied

So close!

9. Robert Pattinson Hit With Pie During ‘Cosmopolis’ Shoot In Toronto

Aw, it’s all part of the show.

8. Cheryl Cole Takes A Pie To The Face At The ‘Pride Of Britain’ Awards

All in the name of charity.

7. New York Times Columnist Thomas Friedman Hit With Pie By Greenwash Guerillas During Earth Day Speech

6. Fisheries Minister Gail Shea Pied By PETA Activist

5. Michigan Senator Carl Levin Pied During Armed Services Committee Chairman’s Meeting

4. Belgian Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard

3. Ralph Nader Hit With Pie

2. Gay Rights Opponent Anita Bryant Hit With Fruit Pie

1. Bill Gates Takes A Pie To The Face In Belgium In 1999

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