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Every Local Car Dealership Commercial

Growing up in Northern NJ we were blessed/cursed with some of the most ridiculous and low budget car dealership commercials.

Chris Melberger • 2 years ago

8 Brutally Honest Snapchat Geotags To Share With Your Friends

Snapchat is a great way to show your friends and family what you're up to. Now if only they were more honest...

Chris Melberger • 3 years ago

Every Time I Go On Facebook

facebook sucks amirite

Chris Melberger • 4 years ago
Chris Melberger • 5 years ago

6 Months Of My Girlfriend Getting Scared

My girlfriend gets scared very easily. I started recording it through Vine. After the first compilation did well I did a few more. Enjoy!

Chris Melberger • 5 years ago

Honest Social Media Logos

What your favorite apps and websites should say.

Chris Melberger • 5 years ago

My Girlfriend Gets Scared I Record It

Compilation of 5 vines. Not staged. Shot over 3 months.

Chris Melberger • 5 years ago

EDM Songs With Terrible Drops

Inspired by I started this hashtag #LateNightTerribleDrops on Vine and the submissions were hilarious! Here are some of examples! Submit your own on Vine!

Chris Melberger • 5 years ago

PSA Against Using Your Phone While Driving

Had this idea after watching Werner Herzog's documentary about the dangers of texting while driving, as well as AT&T's "It Can Wait" campaign. I wanted to bring in the idea of social media since it is prevalent in both young and old people, all whom operate motor vehicles.

Chris Melberger • 6 years ago

Honest Bar Posters

Three different posters parodying popular events that happen within the drinking scene of college night life. (Via)

Chris Melberger • 6 years ago

Every Music Festival This Year

Coachella, Firefly, EDC, Osheaga, Kansrockas, and more have nothing on this year's biggest music festival.

Chris Melberger • 6 years ago