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    Twitter Is Destroying BBC Sherlock Right Now

    LGBT youth are blasting the writers for going too far.

    After the series 4 finale The Final Problem aired, fans were disappointed by the unprecedented number of plot holes and loose ends left unexplained.

    Many LBGT fans who hoped for a canon relationship between John and Sherlock were especially upset by the finale.

    They believe that the BBC and the writers "queerbaited" them by hinting at a future relationship without having the courage to deliver.

    To protest queerbaiting in the show, they took to Twitter with the hashtags #norbury and #bbcqueerbait.

    "Norbury" is a reference from the episode The Six Thatchers, when Sherlock says "if you ever think I’m becoming a bit... full of myself, cocky or... over-confident... would you just say the word ‘Norbury’ to me, would you?". Fans turned this word against the writers to call them out for lazy writing and other issues.

    Many scenes in prior episodes did not make much sense without viewing Sherlock as a gay man in love with John.

    Why did Sherlock paste John's face onto the Vitruvian Man, aka the man with ideal/perfect proportions?…

    tfw u platonically say "into battle" before going to ur bro's wedding then leave early to relapse on cocaine…

    Being someone's damsel in distress obviously has no romantic implications! Just bros being bros #bbcqueerbait #norbury

    what was he going to say on the tarmac then?? 'you're my bro'??? #bbcqueerbait #norbury @BBCOne

    Because THIS was the way you promoted #Sherlock series 4 #norbury #bbcqueerbait

    when the ad made it appear that sherlock's darkest secret is his love for john it was just.. mocking gay experiences? #norbury #bbcqueerbait

    Dedicated Sherlock fans, many LGBT+, had found enough evidence for a future relationship between John and Sherlock that, in 2016 alone, a YouTube channel called TJLC Explained managed to create over 48 videos explaining the prediction in depth.

    View this video on YouTube

    The BBC's response to complaints about the finale shocked fans with its rude tone and complete denial, which led to renewed anger.

    @BBCOne donations to lgbt suicide prevention charities cannot outweigh their messages that queer ppl are villains, rapists, & jokes #norbury

    @BBCOne My dad: Where did John's chains go? Does he still have feet? BBC: THEY WON'T FUCK ITS NOT GAY #norbury #bbcqueerbait

    Many LGBT+ fans were especially disappointed that Sherlock writer Mark Gatiss, who is gay and works with LGBT+ charities, did not want to go beyond "flirting with homoeroticism" between the two main characters.

    'flirting with homoeroticism' was interesting & subversive in ACD's era. but that was 130 years ago; now we call it…

    @Markgatiss "is tea code?" so shameful to reference wilder's adaptation when you waste the creative freedom he dreamed of #bbcqueerbait

    This tweet quotes a line from The Lying Detective. It was taken as an allusion to Billy Wilder's The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes (the writers' favourite adaptation), in which Holmes refers to Watson as his "glass of tea" to imply that they were in a romantic relationship. Censorship prevented Wilder from writing a textually gay Holmes, so he was forced to use subtext.

    Why all the TPLOSH references?? Billy Wilder didn't think it was a joke.. #norbury #bbcqueerbait @BBCOne

    Fans are also upset that many villains, such as Moriarty and Eurus, were clearly coded as queer, since this perpetuates the homophobic idea of gay people as sexual predators.

    hey look he's gay and a villain AND THIS GIRL SHE'S BISEXUAL also a villain oh and a rapist nice #bbcqueerbait

    when you link queerness with wrongdoing and rape, you don't respect lgbt+ people #norbury #bbcqueerbait

    It appears that Gatiss is blocking Twitter users talking about queerbaiting, and he has not responded to any of the accusations.


    Apparently demanding answers for such heavy, intricate subtext should get me blocked #tweetsmarkgatissblocks

    #TweetsMarkGatissBlocks makes me so mad. people aren't even being abusive? this is acknowledging what happened in the worst possible way

    truly an honor to finally be noticed (blocked) by mark gatiss after three years of defending his intentions!! stay pressed my guy #norbury

    Demanding answers from offensive writers is NOT harassment #TweetsMarkGatissBlocks #bbcqueerbait #norbury

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