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Ariana Grande Teases "Baby I" Music Video

Ariana drops a clip of her upcoming music video.

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There are three types of people in this world. Those who have been following Ariana Grande since she first appeared on Nickelodeon's Victorious and she started working on her debut album three years ago (and let's not forget her wonderful YouTube covers and comedic treats). Those who just hopped TrainAriana back in March when her debut single, "The Way," slayed your faves and had your nostalgic Mariah Carey memories abuzz. And then, there are people who have no idea who she is – but a simple google search can solve that issue.

Well, her album is finally here, she's off Victorious, and on to her own co-led show, Sam & Cat, and she's ready to release her second music video, EVER. "The Way" music video was a simple start, but this 29-second teaser definitely shows that she's stepping her video game up. Watch and see.

"Baby I" Sneak Peek

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Ariana Grande's "Baby I" Video Teaser

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