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We Had An Artist Draw 4 Women Of Color As Sailor Scouts

~Let's transform!~

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A group of women met with an anime artist to be transformed into their very own Sailor Moon Scout! Dreams really do come true.

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Sailor Moon was the shit!

That being said, it's always cool to see things diversified.

The women met with with Neetu, an anime artist, to go over their dream looks and superpowers.

"I kinda want her to be wearing high boots that have a killer heel."

A week later, the drawings were revealed to them:

"Holy shit! What a fierce badass bitch."

"I like that she got the two piercings. They're one of the characteristics I celebrate the most."

Neetu George

"I've got a star in my hair and I can throw it and kill someone."

"I think that would be great for a little girl to see a superhero that has afro puffs."

Neetu George


"Pug sceptre!"

Neetu George

"OMG! It's so cute!"

"She even has my angry face frown."

Neetu George

"There's something so cool about seeing yourself so perfectly represented as this badass superhero that makes me aspire to want to be that."

Neetu George

"Just because she's fierce and powerful, it doesn't mean that she's any less beautiful."

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