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    Posted on Feb 26, 2016

    Men Get Drawn As Disney-Inspired Princes For The First Time

    "I am the first gay Cuban merman."

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    Four men who have never felt well-represented by Disney were given the opportunity to be drawn by a Disney artist. Here's what happened:

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    Disney is diverse, but there are still guys who have a hard time relating to their characters.

    So we had John Ramirez, a Disney artist, come in and turn some men into rad characters.

    The guys got to live out their fantasies through their new Disney characters.

    "He's way cooler than me."

    After sketching out the initial drawings with the guys, John cleaned them up and added some color.

    John Ramirez

    Then it was time for the guys to see the finished product.

    Introducing Prince Carlos of the Sea:

    John Ramirez

    El Rey Curly:

    John Ramirez

    Tristan the Dragon Prince:

    John Ramirez

    And finally, Eugene Joseon Prince:

    John Ramirez

    The guys were so excited!

    These characters were definitely unique and unlike most stuff you see in cartoons.

    They were inspired to get these characters out there.

    "I think a lot of kids in general would respond to this. You can really base an animated story off of anyone's story or anyone's dream."

    John Ramirez