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How To Properly (And Covertly) Creep Your Crush Through Social Media

Don't be ashamed, everyone does it.

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It's 12am..

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You’re sitting there alone and restless.


Because of that cute person you chatted with the other day. Your heart aches as you sit there, with the thoughts of what your life could be like together.

I am sure we’ve all been there - gone through a phase of briefly meeting someone you fancy, but only left with a little information and a whole lot of imagination.


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Behold social media, here to solve all your problems!

There's plenty of platforms to go about this, but here's just the basics to effectively creep your crush and maybe make a move to meet them IRL. *Gasp*

Search The Name

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The easiest route is to use Facebook's lovely and extremely handy search bar. Got the name? Search it up!

But wait... what if you don't know their name?

Let Facebook do the work by refining your search. Occupation? City? School? You name it and Facebook can usually find it.

Check Their Instagram

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Don't you hate when your crush's Facebook profile is über private and you can't see any photos for proper creeping?

Well, it's always a good move to see if they have an Instagram account. As a photo sharing platform, Instagram gives you all the photos you may need.

A lurkers best kept secret: If their Instagram account is private and you're not sure if it's them, try to get a friend of yours to follow them first. Proper creeping!

Review Their Posts


Photo sharing applications like Instagram really lets you know if your aesthetic and lifestyle matches your crush's. It can tell a lot about the person.

Like what if they only upload photos of their salads, green smoothies, and post workout selfies, but all you really care about is calculating how many hours of sleep you'll get if you watch one more episode on Netflix.


Carefully Analyze Photos

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Look through any available photos in detail. Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Analyze them. Carefully. There's probably more to a photo than you may think.

Drinking beer? Might be afraid of commitment.

Getting close with someone else? Creep the other person, make sure they're not important, because you're more important.

Drinking cocktails and eating fancy meals? Money. Keep lurking.

Song lyrics as a caption? Probably dramatic, proceed with caution.

Be Prepared For Anything, And Don't Expect The Best

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Your creeping may result in finding information that you wish you never saw. Maybe they're already in a LTR, or maybe they're a part of a cult that worships baby carrots.

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Either way, your lurking may not always result in the desired outcome, but it's all a part of the experience and you need to accept this. Think of it as a way of honing your skills as a true love detective!

Take Things Slow, You Never Know!

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Sometimes you might just find what you're looking for to bring you one step closer to finding true love (or more juicy info about your crush).

Maybe they like eating copious amounts of food like you do. Maybe they actually like going for long walks on the beach. Maybe their Instagram aesthetic matches yours! *Swoon*

See, if you didn't creep you may have never known all this crucial information.

Dare I Say? Slide Into the DMs!?

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If you're feeling extra confident and you can recall having a good first encounter, go ahead and slide into those DMs! You never know what may happen!

BUT this is the VERY last step, only after careful and proper creeping and if there's an appropriate means to do so.

Important Pro Tip: Creepy messages, nsfw images, liking old photos, or leaking personal information from your lurking extravaganza are NOT the best ways to approach your crush. Be natural and casual; and like a small budding flower, let it grow! what's so special about this?

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What a time to be alive, where you can easily search up your crush through the Internet. Maybe you're already an expert, or maybe you have no clue what this article is even about, but there's no doubt that social media has become a part of our everyday lives. We are connected like never before.

It seems like our lurking/creeping practices has become the norm. Don't feel ashamed because your friends probably do the same. Embrace the new age of media and take full advantage, be smart, be the true lurker you wish to be, because maybe one day you'll meet the love of your life, IRL! And if nothing turns out the way you want, well just always remember, there's plenty of fish in the sea!

It’s 2017, its time to stop realizing things and just do them. Go forth and creep your crush!

A Short Summation...

DO search your crush's name on Facebook

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Keep it low key and just see if they're out there on social media.

DON'T add your crush right away / Via

Facebook is more personal, go slow!

DO look up their Instagram

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It's a photo sharing platform, what's more to love!? Plus, photos can tell a lot about someone.

DON'T go out and make your own private Instagram of your crush

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Not cool.

DO like one or two recent photos (if the time is right)

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If there seems to be a connection, like one or two recent photos.

DON'T go crazy liking and commenting on every photo, especially not that selfie from five years ago

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This can bring you into creepy creeper status.

DO a fact check. Occupation? School? Hobbies?

How compatible are you really? REMEMBER: Derogatory terms and politically incorrect statements are a RED FLAG. Abort mission.
We Heart It

How compatible are you really?

REMEMBER: Derogatory terms and politically incorrect statements are a RED FLAG. Abort mission.

DON'T, when you meet your crush, mention their pets name, how many siblings they have, and that awkward family dinner photo from 2008

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Change the subject RIGHT AWAY if you accidentally leak out information from your lurking.

DO check up on their profiles from time to time

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Keeping updated never hurt nobody

DON'T get obsessive

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Do you really need to know what their ideal bedtime is and exactly which washroom and at what time they took that selfie in? Take it one step at a time.

DO accept they might not use a whole lot of social media

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Some people just aren't that active or present on social media. It might not be their thing, but maybe one day you'll just meet them in person and it'll be a whole lot better.

DON'T go crazy because you can't do any proper lurking / Via

Be patient, be calm, and breathe. This isn't the end of the world.

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    It's 2017, who doesn't?!
    Absolutely not! I am pure and not a creep.
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So, have you ever creeped your crush on social media?
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    It's 2017, who doesn't?!
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    Absolutely not! I am pure and not a creep.
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