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    Five Reasons Why You Should Be Watching The Current Series Of Big Brother

    It might be coming to an end after this year - at least in it's present home - but the current series of Big Brother still makes for fascinating viewing. If you're one of those people that gave up on the show after it made the move to Channel 5 here are five reasons why you should give it another look.

    1. It has the best group of housemates in years

    Channel 5 / Via

    You would be forgiven for getting the civilian and celebrity series of Big Brother confused over the past few years. Rather than throwing a bunch of ordinary people into the house and leaving them to it, producers have instead been taking their pick from the raft of other reality shows available to MTV viewers and relying on them to act out their manufactured drama.

    This year though things are different. Thanks in part to a new Creative Director, this years house is populated with the type of "normal" people that helped make the series so successful in the early years. With the possible exception of Stephen Bear wannabe Lewis G of course.

    2. There are actual proper tasks for a change

    Channel 5 / Via Twitter: @bigblagger

    Channel 5 series of recent times had resorted to simple, lazy tasks involving viewers tweets and playing back individuals diary room conversations to the group in order to create drama and fill air-time. This series though has already seen some of the most interesting and creative activities in years. From the absolute genius of the "Big Coin" tasks such as Gold Diggers and the brutal Blood Money to the recent Game Changer challenge which saw selected housemates competing in a game that wouldn't have looked out of place on the Krypton Factor.

    3. The drama is being left to unfold naturally

    Channel 5 / Via Twitter: @bigblagger

    Producer interference has been a real bugbear of the Big Brother audience since the show moved to it's current home, with fans of the show often calling out the production team for trying to encourage arguments amongst housemates by plying them with a never ending supply of booze.

    This year though things have gone back to basics with the housemates seemingly just being left to get on with it. We're seeing genuine relationships being built within the group and any tension that has arisen so far is purely organic. As viewers we've been able to get to know what makes each of the housemates tick and what really grinds their gears, and all without the not-so-subtle encouragement of the powers that be.

    4. It feels like a social experiment again

    Channel 5 / Via Twitter: @bigblagger

    Rather than following the formula of past series, which had seemingly just become one long series of fights and squabbles - this run of Big Brother appears to have almost gone back to the original formula of chucking a load of people into a house and leaving them to get on with it for a couple of months. The absence of the usual crowd of fame-hungry wannabes helps of course, but it feels like this years housemates have all been chosen because as individuals they're all genuinely interesting to watch and all have their own stories to tell. As opposed to how loud they can shout or how much fake tan they can slap on. Fans of the "Secrets and lies" series of the show will feel right at home here.

    5. It's potentially the last time you'll ever get to enjoy it

    Channel 5 / Via

    There have been rumours flying about for months about the future of both Big Brother and its celebrity counterpart - and sadly, despite it still rating extremely well, Channel 5 have decided to pull the plug. Now that's not to say it won't return on another channel, in fact it's looking extremely likely that it will. But as it stands at the moment this series is your last chance to jump into the often surreal but always fascinating world of the original social experiment.

    If you haven't watched for a few years because you thought Big Brother was a shadow of its former self on Channel 5, why not give it a go? I think you'll be pleasantly surprised!