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    26 Photos That Capture How Being A Guncle Is Life-Changing

    "Gay uncle" by any other name wouldn't sound as sweet.

    1. The day has come. Your sibling or best friend just had a baby, and you are now the baby's guncle.

    2. The connection happens right off the bat. As you play around with your niece or nephew's little hands and feet, you know your life is just never going to be the same.

    3. You begin to become overprotective.

    4. There is someone who will always have your back.

    5. You take life a little less seriously.

    6. You're someone's role model.

    7. Your imagination becomes expansive.

    8. You give up your time to make their dreams come true.

    9. You become that person who buys those cheesy "I Heart My Uncle" tee shirts for them.

    10. You are now an ATM. You will be asked for anything and everything.

    11. With one glance, you can know whether your niece or nephew is happy, sad, or constipated.

    12. Twenty reps of piggy back rides a day.

    13. You listen more.

    14. You see things from a new perspective.

    15. Your rainy days suddenly become a lot brighter.

    16. You understand what absolute tolerance looks like.

    17. You're more curious about the world.

    18. You stop trying to be in control.

    19. You actually look forward to children's parties.

    20. You're more empathetic.

    21. Messes don't bother you.

    22. Personal space doesn't mean as much to you as it once did.

    23. Baby carriers are a part of your wardrobe.

    24. You become a human bank of random facts.

    25. You become aware about how fast time moves.

    26. You cherish every single moment in life more especially those spent with your nieces and nephews.

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