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Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" Gets A Queer And Classical Makeover

♫ Oh my God, look at those strings ♫

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New York City-based string quartet, Well-Strung, have merged the worlds of classical and pop in their latest cover of Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" with a little help from Johann Sebastian Bach's "Partita No. 3":

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"'Blank Space' was on a loop for weeks on my iPhone when it came out. It was such a fun song and we wanted to see if we could pull off a version of our own. I'm sure plenty of gays have a long list of ex-lovers they can sympathize with," said Shevlin.


"We didn't set out to just make a gay version of 'Blank Space,'" said Marchant, who plays 2nd violin. "But, if four gay men are singing about meeting a romantic interest, it makes sense that we'd use a guy as the subject. We are all out and proud."

Marchant came up with the initial arrangement for the song.

"The concept behind the arrangement was that each of the four of us sing just a word or short phrase at a time [...] Kind of like we are all telling our own versions of a boy-meets-boy story," he said.

Then Trevor Wadleigh, who plays viola, thought of adding the Partita to the piece.

"Overlaying the Bach Partita over the song gave it that special 'Well-Strung' layer and added that additional key element to the arrangement," said Shevlin, who plays cello.

"Blank Space" is just one cover off the group's new record, POPssical. It also includes "Royals," "Wrecking Ball," and more.

"We were looking to find common ground between classical music and pop music, and find ways where we could slip back and forth between the two worlds without taking listeners out of a unified experience. I think we've found some pretty fun and surprising combinations," said Bagnell, who plays 1st violin.


The reception over the group's cover has been great so far, but, there is, of course, one person they hope to impress the most.

"I'm a huge Taylor fan, personally. I think her songs are fun and inventive. She's a smart girl with a great team behind her. I think she engages her audience well and stays true to music that she enjoys making. It's hard not to enjoy her journey," Marchant said. "We really hope she hears and likes our version of 'Blank Space.'"