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    15 Summer Movies That Should Have Actually Starred Marnie The Dog

    Coming soon 2 a movie place in the park...hi.

    1. "Marnie's Park is now open...OTAY?!"

    2. "Chillin' with my emotions. They r my baes."

    3. "What's it like 2 b artificial intelligence? It's kewl."

    4. "Taking a selfie with myself in the movie abt being an upset driver but not rlly. It's in NY."

    5. "Just being a ladie spie."

    6. "No I'm not Marnie I'm a ghost clown. Haha jk I actually am Marnie."

    7. "I have the most beautimos voice when I remember the words but rlly."

    8. "Any1 want to go to the park? It's g8 out."

    9. "I went into a future world today where anything was possible. I took a nap."

    10. "Gave Channing Tatum the sniff test. He's good!!"

    11. "Is a minion an onion? I'm hungry. Send snax. Tanx"

    12. "Marn Marn just being an ant ant hehe."

    13. "Mondays...amirite?"

    14. "Me rn."

    15. "'Hasta La TTYL Babie. Biiiii."