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19 Things That Would Absolutely Happen If Chris Pratt Were Your Dad

SPOILER: He'd be one dino-mite dad.

1. He would teach you how to embrace the outdoors.

2. You'd make use of your passport a whole lot more.

3. If you ever need a designated driver, he'd pick you up in the coolest ride ever.

4. And you'd get a speech about how to drink responsibly.

Whirlwind tour. Tired. Nervous. Mini bottle of Johnny Walker and a 5 Hour Energy. Time for a UK premiere!

5. He'd teach you how to tie a tie in the most fashionable way.

6. He'd give you some solid relationship advice.

It's raining in LA and we're on our way to the Oscars! Gonna be a #wetredcarpet!

7. And help you to make healthy living a priority.

#HappyMemorialDay and thanks to Kauai Athetic Club for the sweet venue for the #MurphChallenge

(Like, you know you want to know the secrets to his abs.)

8. He'd teach you how to embrace all the caveats of your creativity.

9. And see the world in a whole new perspective.

Ugh. So bummed my husband got such a huge head from being starlord.

10. Your knowledge of sports would grow exponentially.

My sweet husband trying to explain strategy

11. He'd advocate "treating yo self" from time to time.

12. And have his own special ways of calming your nerves.

13. He'd impart his patriotism unto you.

Facebook: video.php

14. Let's be real, everything would be awesome.

15. But above all, he'd show you love.

My sweet men on the last day on set of parks and recreation. What a great show @prattprattpratt

16. Unconditionally.

17. During the brightest of days.

You can tell by our faces that I've been trying to take this felfie for a while #hatwearinfamily

18. And darkest of nights.

19. Because, to him, family is everything.

Now, time for a "felfie."

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