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    Never Forget That Janet Jackson Has The Best Dance Video Of All Time

    Sorry, Beyoncé.

    It's been a huge month for fans of Janet Jackson. First, Janet announced her first world tour in four years.

    Facebook: JanetJackson

    Then, she gave fans insomnia when she dropped her first single in seven years.

    “No Sleeep” is out on @AppleMusic now! Excited to share it with you all. -JANET’s Team

    And Sunday night she was honored at the BET Awards with an all-star tribute.


    During Tinashe's tribute, everyone in the crowd and at home was reminded about just how good "The Pleasure Principle" actually was.

    BET // A&M Records

    As a wise man once said, "When preparing to nail a dance video, stretch as Janet stretches...

    A&M Records / Via

    ...march as Janet marches...

    A&M Records / Via

    ...and ta-WIRL, dahling, TWIRL!"

    A&M Records / Via

    When Janet does a little voguing in the video, you just know the whole thing is going to be TENS. ACROSS. THE. BOARD.

    A&M Records / Via

    Even the props in the video are iconic. SERIOUSLY, THE MOST FAMOUS CHAIR EVER!

    A&M Records / Via

    There is only one word to define Janet's hairography: FLAWLESS.

    A&M Records / Via

    We are not, were not, and will never be worthy of her legendary Swiffer knee slide.

    A&M Records / Via

    She picks up dust AND slays the crowd. SAINT!

    Janet's holy splits part whole oceans.

    A&M Records / Via

    And her flips DEFY ALL LAWS OF GRAVITY!

    A&M Records / Via

    Hail be to Janet — Ms. Jackson if you nasty — for gracing us with such divine choreo throughout the years.

    A&M Records / Via


    A&M Records

    Thumbnail image: Ryan Pierse / Getty Images


    Gah! Tinashe brought the house down with her tribute to "The Pleasure Principle." An earlier version of this post said it was a different artist.

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