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Jul 30, 2015

Can You Get Through This Without Feeling Like A Bad Ass Gladiator?

Strength and honor.

Before it was the striking story of the gladiator who was honored as a Roman soldier...


...and before it was the story of the gladiator who defied an emperor...

Universal was the story of the gladiator who had a name.


Cue epic song no one knows the lyrics to.

  1. Universal
  2. Universal
  3. Universal
  4. Universal
  5. Universal
  6. Universal
  7. Universal
  8. Universal
  9. Universal
  10. Universal
  11. Universal
  12. Universal
  13. Universal
  14. Universal
  15. Universal
  16. Universal
  17. Universal
  18. Universal
  19. Universal
  20. Universal
  21. Universal
  22. Universal
  23. Universal

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