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    Demi Lovato Needs To Take Her Throne As The Queen Of Summer

    ♪ Don't tell your mother ♪

    For Demi Lovato, "Cool for the Summer" is not just the name of her current's a way of life.

    She started her summer off by wrapping up a successful WORLD TOUR.

    What's cooler than having over 50K people chanting your name every night? NOTHING.

    The "Skyscraper" singer also started her own record label...

    ...alongside an old Camp Rock co-star. Now THAT'S a business partner.

    She had serious cuddle time with her muy caliente BF Wilmer Valderrama during a music video shoot...

    ...and went on virtual tours of Malaysia with him, completely revolutionizing how people in LDRs date over the summer.

    Demi instituted "no makeup" as this summer's go to selfie filter and looked ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS.

    She was also FLAWLESS when she was sweating pure cool and making the gym this summer's go-to spot.

    She reminded everyone to embrace their bodies by being fearless and tweeting, "Showing more skin cause I worked HARD for this body...#SORRYNOTSORRY."


    Demi really didn't care about the haters this summer. How could she when her sunglasses were too busy blocking all the shade...

    ...and her personal jet was too busy transporting her to places around the world?

    When you are Demi, summers can be spent relaxing in a bright pink bathrobe, overlooking cities, and not giving two fucks.

    You were hard-pressed to find Demi NOT owning the summer bag game.

    Her bags brought the tropi-cool everywhere she went.

    Her ability to party hard was also completely unmatched. Who needs solo cups when you have a party bus...

    ...Or a rooftop pool filled with your adoring followers?

    So much fun yesterday at the @WaterMarkeTower with @1027KIISFM!!! 😎☀️🌴🍒 #CoolForTheSummer


    Simply put, summers don't get much cooler than the one Demi is having.