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    Porn Star Colby Keller Is One Hot Lumbersexual

    Land of the free and home of the lumbersexuals.

    You need to stop everything you are doing and meet Colby Keller.

    He's known for his work with film studios Randy Blue, Cockyboys, and

    Yup. He's a gay porn star.

    A gay porn star who likes it ~scruff~.

    Mmmm...don't you just want to be the one peering into his milk chocolate eyes, imagining him nuzzling you with that chestnut beard?

    *Nuzzle nuzzle nuzzle*

    Besides being in adult films, Keller is also an aspiring artist.

    He's currently working on an art project entitled "Colby Does America."

    For the project, Keller is planning to have sex with interesting locals in all 50 states.

    On Instagram, fans are able to witness the other things he's doing on his trip, like firing huge shot gun loads...

    ...swallowing copious amounts of frothy liquids...

    ...and playing with wood like the godly lumbersexual that he is.

    Face it, Keller in the wilderness = the Duck Dynasty wet dream you never thought you wanted...


    So, why don't you show Keller and his beard some love and hop on the road trip over on Instagram.

    It'll probably be the best thing you do all day.