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    These Studs Of ANTM Cycle 22 Are Some Of The Sexiest Yet

    These guys can be ~on top~ any day.

    Ever since Tyra Banks introduced men on Cycle 20 of America's Next Top Model, the world has been given an inside look into the sometimes difficult world of male modeling...

    The Tyra Banks Company

    ...and an excuse to drool over hot men every week!

    The Tyra Banks Company

    The men of this current cycle of Top Model are some of the smize-iest...


    The Tyra Banks Company

    ...and most thirst-piring* to ever step foot on the show.

    The Tyra Banks Company

    To thirst-pire is to inspire thirst or cause to be thirsty.

    *Takes a moment to regain composure*

    The Tyra Banks Company

    Devin's face is a pure work of art. Michelangelo wishes he could lay claim to the sculptural excellence of Devin's bone structure.

    Justin goes by the name ~J-Smooth~ on the show, and can't you see why? Hey, Justin, any room in that ocean for a second? Can we use your biceps as a floatation device?

    Mikey is just your modern-day Samson. You know you wish you could be modeling with him right now. You know you want to just wrap yourself in his golden mane.

    The Tyra Banks Company

    Bello is another contestant who has a beautiful mane. In addition to having beautiful eyes. And beautiful, smooth skin... C'MON, HIS FREAKING NAME MEANS BEAUTIFUL. OF COURSE HE IS THE EPITOME OF BEAUTY!

    While on the subject of names... Stefano is like totally a hot guy name. Stefano is most likely having a major model migraine because he is too damn gorgeous for this world.

    Dustin is your average Southern boy with a lot of natural charm. He just wants to invite you to a barbecue, eat some burgers, and SERVE. YOU. A. SIX. PACK.

    And of course there's Nyle, the New Yorker who is dripping in pure sex appeal and delivers on the "boom, boom, boom" body that Tyra is ALWAYS. TALKING. ABOUT.

    *Takes another moment to compose self*

    The Tyra Banks Company

    So, ultimately, who will be on top? Hopefully all of them, Tyra... Hopefully all of them...

    The Tyra Banks Company