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Under Trump, Repeat Mine Safety Violators Have Less To Fear

Under the direction of a former coal company executive, the mine safety agency has taken steps that could undercut regulators’ most powerful tool for protecting miners. A recent beneficiary: a company owned by a Ukrainian oligarch who hired former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort.

Chris Hamby One year ago

House Leader Demands US Overhaul Global Super Court

Rep. Sander Levin says he'll block any trade agreements unless major changes can be made to the secretive legal system known as investor-state dispute settlement. "The train got off the tracks dramatically.”

Chris Hamby 3 years ago

How A Mississippi Funeral Home Showdown Freaked Out The White House

A secretive global legal system gives corporations leverage over the countries where they operate. Everyone said the United States didn't have anything to worry about, because American laws are fair to begin with. Everyone was wrong. Part four of a BuzzFeed News Investigation.

Chris Hamby 3 years ago

How Big Banks Bled A Tiny Island Nation

Financial companies have figured out how to turn a controversial global legal system to their own very profitable advantage. Part three of a BuzzFeed News investigation.

Chris Hamby 3 years ago

Justice Department Settles Lawsuit Over Fake Facebook Page

The agency agrees to pay $134,000 to resolve claims it endangered a New York woman and violated her privacy. A DEA agent used the real name and photos of the woman to communicate with a wanted fugitive β€” without her knowledge.

Chris Hamby 5 years ago

Government Set Up A Fake Facebook Page In This Woman’s Name

A DEA agent commandeered a woman’s identity, created a phony Facebook account in her name, and posted racy photos he found on her seized cell phone. The government said he had the right to do that. Update: Facebook has removed the page and the Justice Department says it is reviewing the incident.

Chris Hamby 5 years ago