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    Jan 13, 2018

    My Boyfriend Was Misdiagnosed With Cancer When It Was Actually Mono

    What a nightmare.

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    There are defining moments in any relationship that let you know whether it's the real deal or not.


    Loryn and Jake had been dating for six months and were about to move in together when their relationship was tested in the biggest way.

    It all started back in 2012 when they had been living together for about a week when Jake woke up one day complaining that his neck hurt.


    At that point, Jake's mom had been given a clean bill of health after battling cancer for about 10 years so everyone was feeling pretty good.

    Loryn called her dad (who's a gynecologist, but still) to tell him Jake's symptoms and he said it was probably mononucleosis, also commonly known just as mono.


    After waiting a couple of days, the ball in Jake's neck got bigger and they finally went to the doctor.

    The first doctor didn't know what the fuck it was, so he sent Jake to an ear, nose, and threat doctor who gave them terrible news.


    The doc had reason to believe it was lymphoma, the exact same cancer his mom had just battled. Loryn asked if it could be mono but the doctor said Jake's neck was too big and that there was no way.

    The oncologist and surgeon both agreed it was an aggressive cancer and wanted to do a biopsy right away. Since there was no operation room available, they did it right there in the exam room.


    It was a bloody mess (literally). And to make things worse, the doctors weren't able to get enough tissue sample so he would have to go back the next day.

    While this was going on, Loryn and Jake were already scheduling his first chemo appointment.


    They were also preparing to freeze some of Jake's sperm in case it got affected by the chemo. "It was a pretty intense conversation to have so early on."

    After the second biopsy, Jake's neck started to expand again and this time he also ran a super high fever. His neck was massive.


    The doctor immediately opened his neck up and (gross alert) Loryn said "an explosion of puss came out of Jake's neck."

    Jake then had a full-body MRI and they discovered his body was covered in masses. They were devastated.


    After weeks of waiting for results, Loryn and Jake were told it was a much deadlier type of cancer than they initially thought.

    Later, they met with his oncologist after the doctors had ran Jake's biopsy for another scan, and they hadn't found any cancer cells in the second scan.


    But guess what they did find?

    It was a huge relief! They had a new lease on life, and were engaged shortly after.


    "When you feel so close to losing someone you love, you just don't wanna waste any time getting your life started."

    My Boyfriend Was Misdiagnosed With Cancer

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