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    My Boyfriend Was Misdiagnosed With Cancer When It Was Actually Mono

    What a nightmare.

    There are defining moments in any relationship that let you know whether it's the real deal or not.

    It all started back in 2012 when they had been living together for about a week when Jake woke up one day complaining that his neck hurt.

    Loryn called her dad (who's a gynecologist, but still) to tell him Jake's symptoms and he said it was probably mononucleosis, also commonly known just as mono.

    The first doctor didn't know what the fuck it was, so he sent Jake to an ear, nose, and threat doctor who gave them terrible news.

    The oncologist and surgeon both agreed it was an aggressive cancer and wanted to do a biopsy right away. Since there was no operation room available, they did it right there in the exam room.

    While this was going on, Loryn and Jake were already scheduling his first chemo appointment.

    After the second biopsy, Jake's neck started to expand again and this time he also ran a super high fever. His neck was massive.

    Jake then had a full-body MRI and they discovered his body was covered in masses. They were devastated.

    Later, they met with his oncologist after the doctors had ran Jake's biopsy for another scan, and they hadn't found any cancer cells in the second scan.

    It was a huge relief! They had a new lease on life, and were engaged shortly after.

    My Boyfriend Was Misdiagnosed With Cancer

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