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Why Are We Obsessed With "Ruining Your Childhood?"

Time to take a long, hard look in the mirror.

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If you've used the internet in the past year (which might be a handful of you) you have probably noticed the frequency of "things that will ruin your childhood."

I'm sorry... what?

Oh, my childhood was a time of general glee and naivety? SHOW ME A PENIS IN THE LITTLE MERMAID!

Man I loved how happy and innocent that time was for me.. I WANT TO SEE WINNIE THE POOH REFERENCING 69ING!

What is this strange desire? From both a creator and consumer perspective, everyone is making this super weird.

A writer sits at their computer, ruthlessly searching the internet. No mercy will be shown in the process of finding the creepiest GIFs and pictures possible. Little do they know, they're in fact destroying their own child-like wonder in the process.

Once the nightmarish article is crafted, we the audience wait with open arms. Show me... show me how a boner in Ren and Stimpy will ruin my childhood.

I'm not pointing fingers, I will click on it every single time. But shouldn't we all stop? Childhood for the most part was a sweet deal. I liked my cartoons, movies, and commercials the way they were thank you very much.

So take one last look.. One last Pokemon masturbation GIF, and ENOUGH. The first step is acceptance, hopefully you're with me. Now let's beat this! ONTO THE WORLD WIDE WEB!

HERE IS A REGULAR PICTURE OF BUGS BUNNY MAKING A GOOFY FACE TO GET US STARTED! (notice the lack of boners/drugs/murder/incest/cursing)

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