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9 Stages Of Deleting An Instagram Picture

It's not an easy decision, but sometimes it's for the best.

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1. Confidence

Posted. I'm predicting record numbers. The caption is on point, an ideal TBT.

2. False Hope

BOOM! Five likes in 2 minutes. We're on pace to break the internet.

3. Momentum Loss

Okay... It's been 30 minutes, and two more people have thrown me a like... Probably a busy day, give it time. Foolish to post in the middle of the day? Maybe, but we'll be okay.

4. Anger

What the hell is happening. 8 LIKES?!? IT'S BEEN 2 HOURS! TODD'S PICTURE OF TERRIBLE LOOKING FOOD HAS 36 LIKES! Should I have taken a picture of food?

5. Reasoning

Relax, relax. I had to delete my old account, my follower numbers are a little down, we just have to stay the course. This is all part of the plan, 10 more minutes and we're probably looking at 60+.

6. More Anger

THIS IS A JOKE! 9 LIKES, YET TODD'S PICTURE OF A STUPID DOG WAS POSTED 5 MINUTES AGO AND HE'S SITTING ON 49 LIKES! He doesn't even have a funny caption, he's a damn rookie and all his idiot followers are commenting.

7. Hindsight

Three hours in... 10 likes.... Still not enough to push into the "11 Likes" label. The caption should have been better. I should've used "toaster." I KNEW 11AM was stupid time to post.

8. Deep Regret

What have I done. My followers trusted me. Why can't I be more like Todd? This has been a huge waste of my time. I might have to do the unthinkable... What will this do to me socially?

9. Deletion

Goodbye, sweet TBT. You fought bravely, but it's time to release you into a better place. This is my fault, not yours. Until next Thursday when we try again.

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