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This Duck-Stampede Video Will Absolutely Put YOUR Commute To Work In Perspective

This video is ducking crazy!!!

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Often times, this is how we ALL feel during our commute to work


Hopefully you don't deal with your anger issues like Dexter did...

And we will do whatever it takes to get where we need to be


But what would you do if you were already late and a duck stampede came running at your car?

Sick Chirpse / Via

You've never heard of a duck stampede??


Well then, without further adieu, I give to you, a duck stampede:

View this video on YouTube

Youtube / Via

Ain't that a quack!

According to Yahoo News, a man in Thailand filmed this on his way to work when he encountered a mass of ducks running down the street. Luckily the ducks moved like a free flowing river and made it safely through the streets.

Reports said there were over 100,000 ducks in the stampede.


Apparently this is a thing in Thailand too

So next time your commute to work is getting on your nerves, just remember, at lease you don't have to deal with a duck stampede...unless you're commuting in Thailand

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