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    21 Signs You've Been Replaced By A Kindle

    No matter how much we love them, Kindles can take you away from the people in your life. So be glad your other half enjoys reading the 21st century way... but check for these symptoms every so often. It might make all the difference.

    1. Their sole conversation topic is whatever they're reading.

    2. They treat new Kindle releases as non-optional.

    3. Their Kindle library shows as 50% or more unread.

    4. And most of them are thrillers by people you've never heard of.

    5. Forgetting their Kindle is more of an issue than forgetting their phone.

    6. When they say "Let's have a night in", they mean... with their Kindle.

    7. They only want to watch TV if they've got the book on their Kindle.

    8. A book only being out in paperback is somehow worse than a zombie apocalypse.

    9. When you wake up in the night, there's always a dim whiteish glow.

    10. Panic attacks ensue if the Low Battery warning comes on.

    11. They spend a lot of time categorising.

    12. They don't understand shared sofa time *isn't* Kindle time.

    13. Their nose turns up at anyone reading "real" books.

    14. They get unusually voluble whenever you ask them what they're reading.

    15. They talk about indie authors as personal friends...

    16. ...while forgetting their characters aren't well known to everyone.

    17. But take heart - they're not really lost to you.

    18. Because inside every Kindle reader is a Kindle author.

    19. And if you help them on their journey...

    20. might discover how amazing they think you are.

    21. So reclaim your relationship, by stepping into their world of words.

    22. Because you're not really lost to their world. You've become part of their bigger one.