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10 Ways Hanging Out With Early Twenty-Somethings Makes You Feel Old

Oh God, I'm old.

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1. The idea of going out multiple nights in the same weekend seems exhausting.

It's Friday OR Saturday. That's all I've got.

2. The ever changing slang.

Whats does fleek mean, and why am I on it?

3. So much disposable income. So much!

Maybe I don't need home content insurance.

4. The drama.

Oh yeah. I forgot. I don't like this.

5. A different new phone app every week.

But I only just got good at 2048 last week!

6. Not being able to handle their liquor.

You've had three UDLs...why are you stumbling?

7. The never-ending gigs for new bands and DJs I've never heard of.

Where do they keep coming from?

8. When Twenty-Somethings talk about what they want to do when they grow up.

But...I am grown up!

9. The High School reminiscing. So much High School reminiscing.

High school was like 10 years ago. Who's this ATAR everyone keeps talking about?

10. The bouncer needs to see everyone's I.D......except yours.

The pain is real.

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