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10 Tinder Profiles To Avoid

Encounter one of these and be sure to swipe left!

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1. The Headless Profile

If your entire head is suspiciously cut out of every picture then you either think it's too ugly, the pictures aren't yours or you don't want your mum seeing it.

Either way, it doesn't evoke confidence!

2. The Where's Wally Profile

If your photos contain a cast of hundreds without any indication of which one you are then it's safe to assume that you're hiding on purpose. That or you really are Wally.

I've literally seen multiple profiles with the same two people in every photo. So...2 for 1?

6. The Background Dweller Profile

Normally this type of Tinder user likes to keep themselves in the background while simultaneously showing off all the places they've been.

Legend says if they get too close to the camera they turn to ash.

7. The Random Picture Profile

Instead of pictures of, you, this user fills their profile with pics of anything but, spanning from random household objects to animals, avatars or even nature shots.

There's sure to be a person somewhere that's disappointed to find out they didn't actually match with a sentient toaster that likes long walks on the beach.

9. The Inspirational Profile

A carefully chosen quote can say a lot about a person. It can also make you look like a big douche.

Not many people use Tinder looking for inspiration. Besides, if you can't handle her at her worst...

10. The Switcheroo Profile

The first pic is pretty important when it comes to gaining attention. It's no wonder then that people like to be a bit creative and put their best foot forward. With the right lighting, the right angle, or even the right ten year old picture, you'd be surprised how good you can look!

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