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17 Things Every Vegan Must Eat In Glasgow

In 2013, Glasgow was named the UK's most vegan-friendly city by animal rights group PETA.

1. Vegan brunch at The 78

2. Haggis fritters at Saramago Cafe

East Meets West Veg / Via

Haggis doesn't have to be a horrible cocktail of sheep organs. Check out this succulent vegan fritter version of Scotland's famous dish, complete with hand-cut chips, at the CCA's Saramago Cafe.

3. Tapas at Stereo

4. Pecan and caramel cheesecake at Mono

5. Spicy veggie burger at The 13th Note

6. Soup 'n' salad at the Project Cafe

The Project Cafe / Via

Sometimes you just can't beat some lunchtime soup on a brisk winter's day, and social enterprise The Project Cafe - a self-professed 'creative exchange' - provide heart-warming vegan soups, salads, breads and specials.

7. Freshly made tofu at The Hanoi Bike Shop

The Hanoi Bike Shop / Via

Tofu is a staple of many a vegan's diet (WARNING: remember to press it a bit first if you want to avoid the texture of week-old custard) so it's pleasing to know that the Hanoi Bike Shop make their own on-site, which then morphs into the likes of this enticing lemongrass dish.

8. Pub grub at The Flying Duck

The Flying Duck / Via

The Flying Duck serve up all-vegan nosh, such as burgers, hot dogs and nachos. And, quite famously, their bar looks like a kitchen. Result.

9. Vegetable Tempura at Red Onion

Mo'adore / Via

Finding a separate vegan menu at an omnivore eatery is a joy few words can accurately describe. In this instance, perhaps 'ya dancer' will suffice. Check out the Red Onion for their plant-based spread, including the dip-friendly vegetable tempura.

10. Veggie-only Indian at Usha's

11. Bulgur wheat salad at Tapa Coffee

Tapa Coffee / Via

Salads? Boring? Get away with that silly talk, you philistine. Tapa Coffee's calling card may be, well, coffee, but parts of their menu - such as this towering bulgur wheat salad with tomatoes and mee veg - are perfect for a vegan lunch.

12. Roasted courgette salad at Siempre Bicycle Cafe

Siempre Bicycle Cafe / Via

And then there's this colourful roasted courgette salad, which can be found lurking in the omni Siempre Bicycle Cafe.

13. The basics at Roots Fruits and Flowers

14. Mezze platter at Tchai-Ovna

15. Falafel sandwich at Piece

Piece / Via

Piece describe themselves as Glasgow's 'gourmet sandwichmongers' and vegans are cared for through their hearty falafel sandwich amongst other bits and bobs.

16. Mushroom crostini at The Left Bank

17. Seitan tacos at The Squid & Whale

The Squid & Whale / Via

Thankfully the The Squid & Whale's name is a little bit of misnomer. This hip Mexican eatery caters for vegans with dishes like this seitan asada taco beauty, which comes loaded with pink pickled onions and vegan-friendly soured cream. Hail seitan indeed.

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