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Thursday Morning Rant:The Worst Doesn't Represent The Whole

From football players to cops, people are being unfairly villainized and it needs to stop.

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No. Stop it. Stop it with your generalizing and using the worst of a particular group of people to describe the whole. Not all football players are abusive pieces of trash and not all cops are out to get black people any more than like... a destructive hurricane would mean all weather is hurricanes. Most days aren't hurricanes. Most days are fair to nice.

If you assume that the worst parts of an entire segment of the population represent the majority, then you're just like the cop you hate who targets a race because of the crimes of a few. If we publicized the other side of the spectrum as much as we do the bad stuff, maybe we'd find ourselves starting to believe we have a hero epidemic within the police force and a charitable work problem in the NFL. I understand that these are serious situations that need to be talked about and corrected, but unwarranted villainizing is the problem, not the solution.

Please Note: This message is only for some of you out there who post things on social media condemning entire professions because of a few and not all of you because I know not to assume that all of you think that way. Anyway, go back to looking at pictures of other people's food because judging by a quick skim of my feed and taking away what I most remember, I know ALL of you love seeing pictures of other people's food.


Chris Luther is a NYC based comedian and non-profit fundraiser. Read last week's rant about letting people Never Forget or some of his funny things like 7 Oblivious People Slowly Driving Us All Insane. Maybe read his rant about why you should just like what you like. or follow him on Twitter @chriscantlose.

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