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Power Rankings Through Tuesday May 19th, 2009

This is an incredibly old Power Rankings. Please disregard it unless I sent you the link. I'm only posting this for a super cool reason that I can't share with you because of how cool it is.

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1. Vince McMahon. He’s already loving the free press he’s getting with his WWE Raw being double booked in Denver against the Nuggets Vs. LA. (and don’t believe the hype, he’ll find a place to hold Monday Night Raw, he just loves the free media.). After the 3rd straight walk off on Sunday, Damon did post game interviews with his WWE Replica belt (given to him by A.J. Burnett’s kids) over his shoulder. Every newspaper in NYC ran a story about this magical belt being passed around the locker room (better than this) to the player of the day. Though, A-Rod recently avoided a post-game question by saying his biggest concern is winning back the WWE belt. Watch it Alex, Vince doesn’t need you dragging his name through the steroid mud. Oh, wait… (FACT: Both the Yankees and the WWE refer to their fans as “Universe” I.E. “Yankees Universe”.)

2. David Wells - Speaking of Smackdowns, Alex and Roger, have you met David? Somebody give Boomer that belt, because he’s been saying what we’ve all been thinking. First, he takes a page out of my ex girlfriends book and says you should be banned the first time you cheat and second, remove all of A-Rods homeruns (in my case it was destroy photo’s, trinkets… things of that nature). This is coming from a man who claimed to have been hung over when he pitched his perfect game. Real men create their own barriers between them and perfection, then appear greater by overcoming adversity. Though, having frosted tips in 2008 and still scoring with Madonna, has got to earn Boomers respect.

3. Hiram Bithorn Stadium - San Juan, Puerto Rico. Through 17 games, there have been 63 home runs at the New Stadium, 2 behind Hiram Bithorn. Now forgive me for assuming that it’s easy to get steroids in Puerto Rico. But, it’s easy to get steroids in Puerto Rico. But upon further review, this stadium was built in 1962, long before the Steroid Era. Though, one of these is not like the other… 1960 Ernie Banks won the homerun title with 41, in 1962 Willie Mays had 49 and in the magical summer of 1961 two men named Mark and Sammy waged war on the homerun title… oh wait, no. But 61 and 54 from the M and M boys does stick out a bit. Oh and before you comment, I know the season was longer, but Mantle only played 153 games and the next highest total was 46 (Baseball Reference). With all that said, Bithorn you get an asterisk. Your record came in a shady era and we all know that no current Yankee hitter has taken steroids since 2003.

4. A-Rod. – Ok, I’ve bashed A-Rod a couple of times already. But that little scamp has done some good. Since the Great One’s return, Teixeira is seeing some better pitches and took his .198 batting average, five homers and 15 RBIs on May 8th, and surged past the Mendoza line to a Kevin Mass like .239 (.342 in that stretch), with 10 homers and 29 RBI’s. Since he returned against the Orioles they are 8-2. Can we say a “clean” MVP for Ster-Rod? As the only player of the current Steroid Era to be caught in mid career, does another 4 MVP’s a Hall of Famer make?

5. Whipped Cream - 3 walk offs, 3 whipped cream pies to the face. As you know by now, this is the first time since 1972 that the Yankees have done this. However, Thurman and the boys don’t strike me as cream on another mans face group of guys. Though, Cool Whip being only 5 years old at the time probably wouldn’t have minded some Damon, Jeter and A-Rod like product placement.

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