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6 Reasons To See PITFeed: The Annoying People Of Facebook

Love lists but grow tired of the tediousness of reading? PITfeed takes NYC’s best musicians, comedians, writers and actors and makes BuzzFeed happen …IN REAL LIFE. This article will figuratively be the last thing you ever have to read...EVER.

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Stop wasting time at work looking at lists on BuzzFeed alone and join Angela Perrone, Chris Luther and all your favorite improvisers, stand-up comedians, sketch groups, musicians, video makers and more at the PITFeed Variety Show March 4th on the Peoples Improv Theater Main Stage (123 E. 24th St. NYC).

PITFeed takes your favorite pop culture/life topics such as "Styles of the 80's" or "Annoying People on the Subway" and counts them down as suggestions for performers from 5 different disciplines of comedy.

It's like BuzzFeed...but in real life!

Join us this month as we count down the 5 Types of Annoying People On Facebook. Will we see a sketch about selfies? A song about which character/movie/politician is best for you to have dinner with? An improv set inspired by Memes? Stop sitting around playing Farm Dash & Diamondville. Join us and find out!

Click here for ticket info and then click here to let us know you're coming.

The Quanrudes (Video Sketch)

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The Quanrudes are a lovely young sketch team with a meaningless name. Sorry.

Born from a sketch writing class, they've grown to incorporate some of NYC's finest funny people. The members of the group mostly come from conversations that go "hey, you're pretty funny... want be in a video?" and then when both parties laugh at the awkward question, they know it's a fit.

They strive to by smart yet absurd (they once did a live sitcom based in the 1850s that used many actual facts from the time period but decided adding a poop joke to every scene would be fun too) and can be seen in both video and in live form at venues throughout New York City. Many people say they stole the show* at the 2012 NYC Sketch Fest.


WarrenScottBand (Music)

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A throw back to the days of old when one would spend their weekends rifling through the dusty crates of the local record shop in search for something new and original, WarrenScottBand strives to create music that is lyrically intelligent, relatable, energetic, and most of all FUN!

Brandon Warren, Scott Tofte, and Will Prapestis have crafted a sound that anyone can (and should) love. The melodies are instantly singable, the beat is easy to move to, and the musicianship among the band members is natural and tight.

Showcasing harmonies and instrumental chops reminiscent of groups like The Beach Boys, Bare Naked Ladies, and The Eagles, it’s apparent that the quality of the song is at the top of WSB’s priority list.

Pin-Up Squirrels (Improv)

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The Pin-Up Squirrels (@pinupsquirrels) is a sketch and improv group. They perform regularly in the city. Check out their show Night Out April 3rd at the PIT.

They also like really short bios. For more info and videos, visit

Meghan O'Malley ( Stand Up)

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Meghan O'Malley (@MegsOMalls) is an actor and comedienne, performing stand up, improv, and sketch, based in NYC. She lives in Brooklyn with her bike and cat, who wears a hoodie. She's half of The Emily and Meghan Show on youtube. It's the one with adults, not 9 year olds. You can see her in Choose Your Own Adventure and Walkens Welcome at The PIT and with her indie team M around the city. When she was younger her favorite shows were My Little Ponies, The Love Boat and Murder She Wrote.

Suni Reyes (Live Sketch)

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Suni Reyes (@SuniRock) is a PIT/NBC Improv for Diversity Scholar, and was a finalist for the 2012 UCB/NBC Diversity Showcase. She has trained at The PIT, UCB and Carolines on Broadway. She was on PIT House Team "1-800-London", and is currently a member of premier Indie team "Nobody's Token", which performed at the legendary Del Close Marathon at the UCB.

Her Stand Up has been seen at the Boston Comedy Arts Festival, Carolines on Broadway, Nuyorican Poets Café, The Beauty Bar ,“Erotic Broadway/ Vintage Variety” at the Triad Theatre, The Peoples Improv Theatre, The Gutter and The Creek and the Cave, among other venues/bars throughout the tri state area. Her one woman show, Hardware Dreams, has been performed at The PIT, Theatre for the New City, The One Festival and Midtown International Theatre Festival. A review from the Examiner during its run at Theatre for the New City said, "Interweaving moments of dance, song, comedy, and even sadness, Caraballo’s world begins to take form so clearly that by the end it’s worth giving a standing ovation."

She produced and co-wrote with her husband "You gotta be f--ing kidding me!", a full-length sketch show, just performed at the New York Sketch Festival and is getting ready to perform a brand new show in April. For more on Suni, visit

Angela Perrone and Chris Luther (Hosts)

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Angela Perrone (@Happy_Chaos) and Chris Luther (@ChrisCantLose) hope…nay… plan to be this generation’s Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz… and not just because one is white and the other has a permanent tan (it’s just partially because of this). It's because just like Lucy and D-Money, they want to be remembered for generations to come because they made people happy through laughter.

Combined they have studied a variety of comedy styles (Improv, Sketch, Stand Up, and Awkwardly Talking to Strangers) at the PIT, UCB, Gotham Comedy Club, and SAK Comedy Club (Orlando). Angela is an encyclopedia of Disney and Poodle knowledge and all pop culture history prior to 1980 while Chris is a Wikipedia of knowledge of everything since… with a special focus on pro wrestling and the viral videos that he can’t believe you are just now seeing.


BTW: This show in no way is endorsed by BuzzFeed. I mean that would be cool, but it isn’t. So the likeness of some of our graphics is just because it’s a show based on the idea of BuzzFeed.

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