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6 Reasons To See PITFeed In NYC On January 30th

PITfeed takes NYC's best musicians, comedians, writers and actors and makes BuzzFeed happen ...IN REAL LIFE. (Not like the plot of Weird Science... but almost as sexy.)

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Stop wasting time at work looking at lists on BuzzFeed alone and join hosts Angela Perrone, Chris Luther and all your favorite improvisers, stand-up comedians, sketch groups, musicians, video makers and more at the PITFeed Variety Show.

PITFeed takes your favorite pop culture/life topics such as "Signs You Grew Up In The 90s" or "Annoying People on the Subway" and counts them down as suggestions for performers from 5 different disciplines of comedy.

It's like BuzzFeed...but in real life!

This month we will be doing, "Gag Me With A Spoon: 5 Worst 80s Fashions." Will we see a sketch about Acid Washed Jeans? Maybe something about Leg Warmers? Probably.

John Schmitt (Musician)

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John Schmitt has played his music across the United States and here at home he has been called "one of New York City's best young storytellers," John Schmitt was born and raised in Buffalo, NY, and his songs are a direct reflection of his experiences growing up there. His simple, honest approach tells stories that hit at the heart of American life. Blending a folk-meets-soul style, Paul Simon-meets-Motown, to go along with thoughtful lyrics and images, John sings about his life in real terms.

His new album “Ophelia” is his loftiest work to date. Produced by Caleb Hawley (American Idol), we see on “Ophelia” just how life in the city has affected Schmitt, now a resident of Brooklyn, as he takes us along for many stories of life, love, loss, and coffee consumption.

Listen to John's album "Ophelia" for FREE here. (Then buy it when you love it.)

Joseph Rocha (Stand-up)

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If you Google Joseph Rocha you might find that he is currently the mayor of Azusa, CA... Though the one we are talking about does hail from the Golden State (San Francisco), you are more likely to recognize him from such places as Galavision’s !Que Loco!, Stand Up 360 or every comedy club in NYC.

For more information on Joseph, click here to watch his interview on No Offense But..." with Anthony and Eileen from the world famous Comic Strip Live

Joe Levine (Sketch)

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Joe Levine is a writer and performer based in NYC. He’s studied at The PIT, UCB, and Magnet Theater. Joe heads up business development at Wrong Brain Films and acts as head writer and producer on most of their projects (see video above). In the past Joe has written and produced comedy videos for PITtv House Teams LeftHOOK and Arthur Warburton and has had videos featured on Funny or Die and His monthly sketch show, InternetVille, was part of the ’12 NYC Sketch Fest and his sketches have been performed at UCB Chelsea as part of the NaSkeWriMo Show.

Watch more from Joe and his company Wrong Brain Films here.

Comfy Couch Productions (Video)

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Comfy Couch Productions is an offshoot short film production company of the weekly online series The Cinema Couch. Comfy Couch was the winner of the Ultimate Filmmaker's Audience Choice Award for their short film Twinjas (see above) and the Winner of Best Horror Short at The All Hallows Eve Film Fest for their Paranormal Gentrification Trailer. They've also been screened at The Art of Brooklyn Film Festival, The Trailer Cash Film Festival, The Sunday Film Series and The Katra Film Series.

Visit their Website for more videos.

The Andrews Sisters (Improv)

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The Andrews Sisters formed in the fall of 2010 after Andrew and Andrew shared an improv class at the Magnet Theater. Together they played the Philly Improv Festival, and they've been together ever since. As a duo, they are taking the New York improv scene by storm with their high-energy shows and their menagerie of characters.

For more videos of the Andrews Sisters, follow them here.

Angela Perrone and Chris Luther (Hosts)

Angela Perrone and Chris Luther hope...nay... plan to be this generation's Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz... and not just because one is white and the other has a permanent tan (it's just partially because of this). While combined they have studied comedy at the PIT, UCB, Gotham Comedy Club, and SAK Comedy Club (Orlando), it was Angela seeing Chris dance, followed by Angela's rejection of Chris and then her reconsidering months later, that brought them together.

Angela is an encyclopedia of Disney and Poodle knowledge and all pop culture history prior to 1980 while Chris is a Wikipedia of knowledge of everything since... with a special focus on pro wrestling and the viral videos that he can't believe you are just now seeing. Though they have different knowledge bases and honed their hosting abilities in different ways, Angela as a former reporter for the LA bureau of the largest circulated news service in Japan, Yomiuri Shimbun (yeah, she's the white one in this duo), and Chris as host of the PIT's Friday Improv Jam, it's their passion for comedy that will make this a must see show.

The show will be held at 7PM on the Peoples Improv Theater Main Stage at 123 E. 24th St. (Between Park and Lexington) on January 30th. Click here for ticket info.


BTW: This show in no way is endorsed by BuzzFeed. I mean that would be cool, but it isn't. So the likeness of some of our graphics is just because it's a show based on the idea of BuzzFeed.

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