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    4-Year-Old One Direction Fan Inspires Special Education Fundraiser

    Can you #DoTheMarco?

    Meet 4-year-old Marco Lagerman.

    Teresa Lagerman / Via

    Marco was born with unilateral hearing loss, which coupled with chronic ear infections and fluid, caused a number of speech and motor delays. That hasn't stopped this Brooklyn boy, though, when it comes to his passion for music.

    Marco recently fell in love with One Direction's Story of My Life, and came up with his own signature dance.

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    “He’s not shy when it comes to showing off his moves,” Marco's mom, Teresa, told local news site, South Slope News. “He really has a great ear for music and just feels it. He can’t stop himself.”

    Before long, his entire preschool class was doing "The Marco."

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    “Marco would listen to lyrics,” teacher Shivani Rawat recalled, “and yell, ‘Here it comes guys…get ready,’ and as the chorus started, they would all do ‘The Marco.’

    After sharing the videos on Facebook, friends began emailing Teresa footage of their kids doing "The Marco," and she realized they had something special on their hands.

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    “Everyone loved it,” Teresa said. “So many people told me that they watched it a few times because it just made them happy.”

    Inspired by the response to their little guy's dance, the Lagerman family set up a Fundly campaign to raise money for special education classrooms on


    “We are very thankful to have so many resources available in New York for special needs children,” Teresa explained. “Unfortunately that’s not the case in other states, and we want to raise money to help fund physical, occupational, and speech therapy projects in schools across the country.”

    In less than a week, the campaign has raised over $700, and is climbing.

    Can you #DoTheMarco?

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