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    15 Thoughts All Dads Have When Their Daughters Begin Dating

    "Nope. Sorry. No dating until you're 30."

    1. One day, your daughter comes home from school and tells you that she's in love.

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    2. You go into a state of shock.

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    3. "Wasn't it only yesterday that we were playing princess?"


    4. "I thought all boys were yucky!"

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    5. "OMG! What's happening???"

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    6. You tell yourself to relax.

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    It's just puppy love. There's nothing to worry about.

    7. The best thing to do is just play it cool.


    Those innocent days of high school weren't THAT long ago. You remember what being a kid was like.

    8. Until your daughter walks out in a short skirt, and you REALLY remember what it was like.

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    "Nope. Sorry. No dating until you're 30."

    9. She says that you don't understand true love.

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    10. You begin to question whether or not you're strong enough to deal with the dating stage of parenthood.

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    "I'd rather listen to Dora's map sing all day than have a daughter old enough to date."

    11. Then things start to get really confusing.

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    "Wait...Morgan tweeted that Emma saw on Facebook that Addison snapchatted about seeing who kiss who on Tumblr?"

    12. She swears that she's never going to date again. You want to cheer.

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    13. You hold back, though, because you know that your little girl is hurting. You wipe away her tears, and tell her not to write boys off quite yet.

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    14. One day she'll meet that special somebody.

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    15. But why rush? Especially when she has the love and support of the most important man in the universe...her Daddy.

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