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    #LSECupGate Puts LSE Chief Financial Officer In The Oven Over Bizarre Tweet

    #LSECupGate is now a thing thanks to some savvy students reacting to a bizarre tweet from the University's Chief Financial Officer about the student's divest society cupcakes, aimed to raise awareness towards the campaign to divest investments away from fossil fuels

    #LSECupGate began as London School of Economics students reacted on twitter to an exceedingly sassy post on Twitter by Andrew Farrell, LSE's Chief Financial Officer, of this photo of LSE Divest society's cupcakes to his feed.

    @lsedivest I hope these weren't baked using fossil fuels. Maybe solar powered Nutella jar? Life's difficult

    LSE Chief Financial Officer showing some twitter sass

    LSE Divest reacted accordingly, highlighting the triviality of discussing the methods of baking a cupcake rather than the greater issue of fossil fuel investment which Mr Farrell has large power over at LSE, an extremely wealthy institution.

    .@andrewxfarrell small difference between using an oven to bake cupcakes and investing millions in companies that are ruining our climate :)

    LSE students quickly picked up on the bizarre cupcake exchange, and the hashtag #lsecupgate was born.

    @LSEnews CFO @andrewxfarrell reducing #divest debate to cupcakes - LSE deserves better! @craigjcalhoun @lsedivest @divestlondon #lsecupgate

    Then the photos of divest themed cupcakes began to surface, and #lsecupgate began to rise in the oven. Twitter user @EaveJorge tweeted a lovely set of renewable cupcakes and set the trend

    @sinimatic @andrewxfarrell @lsedivest Andrew...the future! Be judged on the right side of history! #lsecupgate

    @Noelieaudidor posted an oh-so-cutesy solar themed cupcake - n'awww

    starting the change, one cupcake at a time #lsecupgate @andrewxfarrell @lsedivest @LSEnews

    @sinimatic tweeted some adorable love-the-earth cupcakes, serious baking there

    More climate-friendly cupcakes @lsenews @ClemGemma @lsedivest @andrewxfarrell #lsecupgate @EaveJorge

    @ClemGemma tweeted some impressively-iced wind turbine cupcakes

    @lsedivest @andrewxfarrell #lsecupgate

    Perhaps the best cupcake reaction was this photo taken by @ALouise26, showing an empty mixing bowl and baking tray- asking whether she should follow this recipe next time? Meta, @ALouise26, so meta.

    @andrewxfarrell @LSEnews @lsedivest, I will follow this recipe next time ;) #lsecupgate

    LSE Divest are no doubt loving the attention Andrew Farrell has unwittingly created, and it will be interesting to see how he reacts to #LSECupGate. It does seem though that perhaps a person in his position would be able to offer more to debate than cake?

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