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Guy Doing Pushups on Kayak Almost Gets Bellyflopped by Humpback Whales

Way too close for comfort.

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Think you're hardcore because you do pushups in a P90X gym? Well Mike Pelayo just took extreme workouts to a whole new level, pounding out some pushups dangerously close to a couple humpback whales.

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Pelayo was on day nine of the 22 Pushup Challenge, a campaign to raise awareness for veteran suicide prevention that asks participants to film themselves doing pushups for 22 days straight.

The challenge, much like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, has already inspired videos from celebrities like John Krasinski, The Rock and Kevin Hart.

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It seems Pelayo decided that for this day, he'd get creative and do his pushups on a kayak in the middle of the ocean. The only problem was that the middle of the ocean is home to a lot more than dudes in kayaks, and a couple humpback whales breached right near Pelayo.

Most amazing is that he didn't fall out of his kayak and even finished off his pushups as the whales dove back down and sea lions came to investigate the scene. That's serious commitment.

Weirdly enough, this isn't the only dangerous aquatic encounter we've seen recently, as last week a brave (or insane, depending on your perspective) kayaker jumped out of his boat to swim with orcas.

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However, this one arguably served a bigger purpose, as it's likely that the unbelievable video will raise awareness for the 22 Pushup Challenge and PTSD.

Rock on Mike Pelayo.

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