14 Most Important Selfies Of All Time

The results are in, and “selfie” is Oxford Dictionaries’ Word Of The Year for 2013. But who has created the best selfies of all time? Here is the definitive answer to that question.

14. Robert Cornelius

Robert Cornelius took the first known photographic selfie waaaaaay back in 1839.

13. Leonardo De Vinci

It’s not certain that this drawing from 1510 was actually a selfie by Leonardo, but most historians are pretty sure it was.

12. Albrecht Dürer

Albrecht Dürer is one of the first prolific people to start making selfies. He made this selfie in 1484 when he was only 13 years old!!!

11. Diego Velázquez, Las Meninas

Diego Velázquez may have invented the photobomb when he added his selfie into this family portrait Las Meninas in 1656.

10. Caterina van Hemessen

This selfie, painted by Caterina van Hemessen in 1548, is the earliest selfie of an artist at an easel and one of the earliest known selfies by a female painter.

9. Norman Rockwell, Triple Self-Portrait

Normal Rockwell blew everyone’s minds in 1960 with this self-portrait inside a self-portrait.

8. Egon Schiele

Egon Schiele may have been the first—but definitely not the last—to selfie himself while masturbating.

7. Miyamoto Musashi

Selfies are not limited to western artists. This selfie by Samurai, writer, and artist Miyamoto Musashi dates back to 1640.

6. Mary Cassatt

Mary Cassatt was a very important portraitist of the Impressionist era focusing mostly on portraits of women and children. She also painted some great selfies.

5. Rembrandt

Rembrandt was one of the most influential painters of all time and also one of the most prolific selfie artists of the pre-modern era.

4. Chuck Close

Few artists have produced as many selfies as Chuck Close. And no, this is not a photograph, it’s a painting.

3. Vincent van Gogh

Van Gogh was produced many selfies, but his Portrait With Bandaged Ear is probably his most famous. The story behind the ear incident is still not entirely clear.

2. Cindy Sherman

Cindy Sherman has made her oeuvre from subverting the selfie to examine issues of identity, gender equality, and consumerist culture.

1. Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo might be the most famous selfie maker of all time, and she definitely mastered the form. Every selfie produced since owes a debt to Frida.

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