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TEST POST: Submit Your Video

This is just a test post, please do not share! :D

Chris Johanesen One year ago

This Is A Test! S

This is only a test. Please ignore.

Chris Johanesen 2 years ago

15 UnBEARable Animal Puns

Are we giraffing you crazy?

Brent Bennett 3 years ago

Diversity Matters To BuzzFeed Tech

Here's an email we just shared with the tech team at BuzzFeed.

Dao Nguyen 4 years ago

32 Important Lessons Learned On Facebook

Believe it or not, you can learn a lot of really important things on Facebook.

Matt Stopera 7 years ago

Super Fast Cat

This is one of those cats where you draw your hand back and it takes you another few seconds to realize that you don't even have a hand anymore. They should totally weaponize this cat. (Via.)

Jack Shepherd 9 years ago

Google's Operating System Screenshot

This could be fake, but here's possible desktop views of Google's new ChromeOS.

Bryan E. 10 years ago