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The 15 Guiltiest Guilty Pleasure Hip-Hop Songs Of All Time

Get in your car. Put on your guilty pleasure jam. And crank that sh*t up. (Until another car pulls up next to you at a light, then turn that sh*t down and act casual.) We know you. You clicked on this because you love shameless, sexually explicit, booty pumpin' hip-hop. So for real: Don't miss the premiere of Chozen, starring Bobby Moynihan and Method Man, tonight at 10:30PM on FX.

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Shame Level: Being slightly attracted to Grandma's roommate at the retirement home.

Shame Level: Telling a bartender that you want "the usual" but they have no idea who you are.

Shame Level: Getting caught making faces in a two-way mirror.

Shame Level: Playing an embarrassing song out loud on your computer because you plugged your headphones into the wrong jack.

Shame Level: Your parents chaperoning the school dance.

Shame Level: Waving back at someone only to realize that they were waving to the person next to you.

Shame Level: Still singing after someone turned the music off.

Shame Level: Waking up with glitter all over your body but you can't remember why.

Shame Level: Grinding on someone at a club only to realize that you're related when you see their face.

Shame Level: A Freudian slip or two.

Shame Level: Having a specific fedora for each season.

Shame Level: Having lipstick on your teeth throughout an entire first date.

Shame Level: Your parents knocking on your door and asking what you're doing during "private time."

Shame Level: Farting while bathing with someone.

Shame Level: Getting a non-ironic "YOLO" tattoo.

Chozen: No Guilt, All Pleasure.* Judge for yourself:

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*OK, well some guilt, only in that he spent 10 years in jail on drugs and weapons charges. But that sh*t was a SETUP, and now he's out. Out for revenge, out to rebuild his career, out to grind on some fools and make the dopest, grimiest hip-hop videos y'all ever seen.

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