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Top 8 Goofs From The 8 Fast And Furious

The Fast & Furious series seem endless. They came a long way since cop duty to arctic scenario. You may not see any of them taking gas from gas station but their F engine will run till end with no trouble. Enemy becomes friend frequently on Fast & Furious. This movie had been & will have been destroying all the physics law & maybe their next series would be placed at Moon, who knows? You'll never know who are funding them for their cars but you definitely find out that this is all about money. Well, today I'm here to expose top 8 goofs from the 8 Fast & Furious movies. If you've not noticed that in FAF 6 they acted on a runway which is 48 kilometers long (world's longest runway is 4.2 KM long). Friends, Family, Fast, Furious, Fame *uccess damn loyalty doesn't start with F. More coming up

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8) Fast & furious 8

Created by Himel Ch owned by Universal Pictures

From the trailer when the submarine comes up blowing the ice surface you'll see 4 cars goes up. But the next scene you will see there are 3 cars & they ended up with these 3 cars.

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