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Instead Of Spending For Space Exploration We Should Be Helping People In Need

Our governments are investing billions of dollars to find what's outside of earth. The spending doesn't even do a single help to our mankind. Except for the employees of NASA, ESA etc. What exactly we are looking for outside earth. Is it aliens? or resources? The possibility of finding any of these is less near zero or less. I am not saying that we should stop sending rockets on space. We need satellites. That's required. But sending a rocket to mars or pluto won't do any good for human being. Instead of wasting tons of money for POTD of NASA's website we can spend a millionth of that money to help man in need.

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Most people only know the name of Africa. But the hunger, poverty, drought is still unseen by most ones. A single dollars means lot to them. People around the world still suffering from lots of problems. All of us do have problems. But our problems are temporary & we can find solution by ourselves. But when a problem becomes nationwide, it's a major problem. As a human being we should be helping others. That's what a human being does.

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