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    From Uplifting Plants To Colorful Wall Art, How To Update Your Home During This Festive Session By Uniworks Design

    Updating your homes for the festive season

    From Uplifting Plants To Colorful Wall Art, How To Update Your Home During This Festive Session By Uniworks Design


    Festival season is upon us and so is the annual ritual of giving our homes a make-over. You can go out and buy new stuff or you can choose to do a little bit of upgrade and repurposing and still end up with a beautiful house all decked up for the festive season. Here are few things that might come in handy


    Add new plants or give a new look to old planters: Winter is almost here and with it comes new set of plants and flowers that you can have at your home to give it a new look. If you do not want to go to that length, take out your paintbrush and give your planters a new color. With the onset of festive season the bright colors are also back and you can use some to give your planters a more vibrant look and feel

    Add colors to your home to bring them alive: It need not be a whole white washing and painting routine. You can select one corner or few corners of the house and turn their look around by adding colors or motifs which goes with the feel of the festival

    Investing in select items: You do not need to burn a hole in your pocket to give your house a new look. Apart from repurposing old stuff buy things that can actually add value. A certain kind of lamp, a few candles or a typical piece of décor or even something as small as new curtains can add newness to your house, just style it around your house in the right way. Inputs by Arun Kumar Chaubey

    About Uniworks Designs

    Uniworks Designs is the place where you try to turn your dream into a living reality. The brand is an award winning, multi-disciplinary, and urban design in the city like Hyderabad and New Delhi, It has been at the forefront of commercial and residential refurbishments for over 4years, believes to work with architects, designers and individuals to create stunning and exciting places to live, Uniworks offers to the clients the complete range of architectural design services, from concept through construction. In an increasingly urbanized landscape, Uniworks continue to focus on marrying and connecting nature with man-made environment. With a philosophy that puts people at the centre of all its designs, we ensure that our designs incorporate natural elements, locally sourced eco-friendly ingredients and recycled and reclaimed materials to ensure sustainable conservation as well as healthy living for all

    The Founder Arun Kumar Chaubey and Juhi Jaiswal Chaubey believe “working with numerous remodels and custom homes the one it’s starts with a complete specification packet saves both time and money for all whom are involved including contractors and architects”. Their makeable journey has bring them to success where they have being awarded TV5 best design awards in office space.

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