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20 Songs Turning 20 In 2017

...that deserve a revival on your Spotify

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1. Did It Again - Kylie Minogue

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Clever girl....this catchy and iconic track marked the start of Kylie's bridge from boppy 80s pop star into critically acclaimed global superstar. And it was all up from there.

2. Nightmare - Brainbug

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Who could forget; Italian synth-trance master, Brainbug's, corny, horror-themed track that proved that not all mainstream club anthems require vocals. One of the original "bangers".

3. The Beautiful People - Marilyn Manson

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Whilst technically this was released late 1996, it made it's mark in 1997. It was the track that made Manson recognizable in mainstream culture and still regarded as one of his most impressive tracks of all time.

4. It's No Good - Depeche Mode

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Moody, melodic and catchy. All the signature components of a 90s hit.

5. Break Me, Shake Me - Savage Garden

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Quite different to many of their other tracks, this showed that underneath all of the poppy exterior, Savage Garden were a 90s alt-rock band at heart.

6. Come To Daddy - Aphex Twin

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It's hard to find a more quintessentially 90s electronica artist than Aphex Twin. He lands somewhere in between drum 'n' bass and grunge and 'Come To Daddy' is no exception. Plus. That video clip. Just as industrial and haunting as the track itself.

7. Song 2 - Blur

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It's a pity that the most notable Blur song is actually completely different to their usual style, but it's hard to deny its appeal. Catchy guitar line, head banging metal chorus and singable vocals.

8. Never Ever - All Saints

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Obviously, like most years, 1997 has deep pockets full of pop songs waiting to be dug up. But "Never Ever", right from the initial spoken word, backed up by harmonious cooing, through to the final word is soothing, catchy and, perhaps the most important characteristic of all, extremely karaoke-able."

9. Sex and Candy - Marcy Playground

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While the name "Marcy Playground" may have fallen deep into the unreachable segments of some gen x's brains, play "Sex and Candy" and they will all know the lyrics off by heart. Hands down one of the best songs of 1997.

10. Block Rockin' Beats - The Chemical Brothers

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Topping the UK singles chart and earning the Chemical Brothers a Grammy, this track really cemented the UK duo's place as one of the most prolific electronica groups in history.

11. Autumn Sweater - Yo La Tengo

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Dreamy. Indie. Angsty. Say no more.

12. Tubthumping - Chumbawamba

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Picture yourself in a local pub somewhere with 20 of your favourite friends. Scratch that. 20 random people simply enjoying a pint or two. This track comes on and everyone raises their drink in one hand and places the other on the shoulder of the person next them and sings (or slurs) and sways along. This is what all pub visits should be like.

13. Around The World - Daft Punk

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An unforgettable track with an unforgettable video clip to match. Daft Punk, once again, proving that simplicity is key.

14. Your Woman - White Town

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Marcy Playground were not the only alt-rock band to release an absolutely iconic one hit wonder in 1997. Anyone who dislikes this song is not worth your time.

15. Brown Paper Bag - Roni Size

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Transport your back to a time pre-dubstep, pre-trap and it was all about drum 'n' bass (yes even long before Pendulum). Roni Size was one of the earlier pioneers in DnB.

16. All Is Full Of Love - Björk

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Full of dreamily haunting vocals and minimalist industrial-tech background music, all supported with a robot-themed video clip; what more could you ask from Björk, really?

17. Bitter Sweet Symphony - The Verve

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For sure one of the crowd favourites of this list, "Bitter Sweet Symphony" is drenched in nostalgia and will remain timeless for those who grew up in the 1990s and pretty much everyone else.

18. So Now - Herbert & Dani Siciliano

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Chill and funk turned up to full, this one might be a bit more left of field, but still essential to any 1997 list.

19. Brimful of Asha (Norman Cook Remix) - Cornershop

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Whilst the original certainly held it's own, Norman Cook's remix of "Brimful of Asha" really made this a classic track.

20. Paranoid Android - Radiohead

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Constantly touted as one of the greatest songs of the 1990s, no 1997 list would be complete without it. Dark and broody, "Paranoid Android" was originally criticised for being radio- and general public-unfriendly. Well, society sure showed them.

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