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    5 Reasons Investing Really Is Different For Women, And 5 Tips For Getting Started

    "All the women, who independent, throw your hands up at me..."

    In 2001, the award-winning girl group Destiny’s Child released their iconic song "Independent Women, Pt. I."

    As we use this month to reflect on how far women’s rights have come, it’s also crucial to turn our focus to financial independence for women as well.

    While there’s nothing wrong with managing money with a partner, women need to know how finances work and important money moves to make in our own lives especially when it comes to investing. Investing is one of the key ways to build wealth and establish financial independence.

    Due to the gender wage gap, the motherhood wage penalty, and inflation, women need to be investing now more than ever.

    To start, here are five reasons why it's especially important for women to invest:

    1. Less than half of American women invest in the stock market.

    Man and woman sitting at a desk holding up their coffee mugs

    2. A savings account is not enough.

    3. Women tend to earn less than our male counterparts.

    Man and woman with gender equality written on their hands

    4. The COVID pandemic has hit working women hard.

    Working mom holding a baby while writing at her desk

    5. And inflation is inevitable.

    Woman looking at an item at the grocery store

    Given all these factors, the clear solution is that more women should consider investing in their futures. Marissa recommends 5 tips for getting started and feeling empowered about it too:

    1. Do your research and get familiar with investing.

    a woman smiles at her lap top

    2. Take a look at your entire financial picture.

    Woman going over her finances at home

    3. Reflect on your values.

    Woman wearing a head scarf looking out the window

    4. Download an app that matches your goals.

    Woman looking at a finance app on her phone

    5. Finally, just start!

    “All the Women Who Independent, Throw Your Hands Up At Me” 🙌

    To connect with Marissa Bronfman, you can reach out to her on her personal Instagram or the social media profile for Kizmet Impact.