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    For Homebodys

    Being a homebody is a way of life, much like a traveller, or a vlogger, this is absolutely a fulfilling lifestyle, if it is your passion of course. Being a cozy and proud homebody myself, I felt like we needed a little bit more insight into our lifestyles so I've decided to reveal 8 confessions of a homebody straight from a professional homebody(er) .

    1. Occasional Hermit Guilt is Real

    2. Bed + Food + Laptop = <3

    3. Being Able To Look a Hot Mess in Peace

    4. Having Literal Fantasy's about being in bed

    5. Actually Having Plans is Kind of a Big Deal

    6. I Don’t Think People Realize How Much I LOVE My Own Company

    7. Sometimes I wonder whether I chose the homebody life or did the homebody life choose me

    8. Really wanting to have a cool Instagram page… except the four walls of my bedroom can only be so interesting