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#Katy Perry My Role Model

Want to be more creative chose Katy Perry as your mentor. Growing up with Katy Perry in the media has taught me you can do anything your heart desires. I'm not just talking about taboo thoughts like kissing a girl. I'm saying her grand ideas and her wigs take her to ultimate creative expressions.

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#Icon Goldie

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She is an icon, and she captivates a vast audience based on her unique chameleon persona. In her music video Birthday, she dresses as a variety of characters. She can wear any wig, change her voice and create a genuine personality. My favorite is Goldie, the dancer.

#Katy Parody

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Katy Perry is like a Katy Parody she goes to extreme lengths and is smart in her delivery. She shows up at an interview prepared and ready to shine. On Ellen, in May 2017 she shines and steals the show.

#Part of Me

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She is a brand, and she has presented her self well. In her documentary "Katy Perry: Part of Me" when she was first starting out, she gravitated to wigs, to become Katy, she was more than her music. I could wear a purse with her face on it and put it next to my Frida Kahlo bag.


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Despite poor rumors of her past, and the upheaval of the media to bring her down and shame her, she overcomes all of it and shares her vulnerability and her creative, silly self. Vulture and Mashable have said some hurtful things, but Katy is an artist, and her video Bon Appetite has never been done before. She can get away with anything from slam dunks to soup bowls.


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She inspires me to rise above all of my past pain and just be goofy, silly and smart. Adults and children like her, and aspire to be themselves. Sure some of her lyrics elude to sexual references, but that's mainstream pop if anything she's making fun of it and liberating her sexuality.

#Silly Katy

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And just plain entertaining.

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