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13 Easy Changes That Will Completely Transform Your Home

Some easy changes to your home can make a big difference in creating a restful space, so you can be your best self. Comfort Inn and Comfort Suites are transforming too, so you can be rested, set, and ready to go take on the day.

1. Let the sun shine in.


Natural sunlight can have a huge impact on a room. Install curtains or shades that can be drawn back, so you can let outdoor light pour in.

2. Put your most used dishes in door-less cabinets.


You use plates, bowls, and cups the most frequently in the kitchen. Save yourself some time by storing them in door-less cabinets so they are quicker to spot and access.

3. Keep your kitchen counters clear.


Have a space for everything and put it there after use. This will make wiping down the counters after cooking easier and help keep your kitchen feeling clean and comfortable.

4. Stick to neutral tones in your bathroom.

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Opt for muted neutral tones, like white or beige, in your bathroom. These colors will be more soothing on your eyes and will make getting ready or winding down that much better.

5. Embrace the power of area rugs.

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Area rugs are a dynamic addition to a room, making it seem warmer by breaking up the floor space.

6. Less is more when it comes to decor.


A wall filled with photos or art can make a room feel small and cluttered, and the same goes for furniture. Utilizing minimalism when decorating will help to open a room up and bring more attention to what is present.

7. Be mindful of a room's layout.

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What is the eye drawn to first in a room? Organize your furniture based on this focal point and group things together in a layout that is logical and comfortable.

8. Use soft lamps rather than overhead lighting.

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Overhead lighting can be jarring and harsh. Instead, have several lamps throughout a room to create a warmer, more inviting tone in the room.

9. Spend a bit extra for a comfy bed.


Your bed is where you recharge each night. Get a nice mattress, a mattress topper, high thread count sheets, and some good pillows. It may be a bit pricey up front, but you'll realize it was worth it when you wake up every morning.

10. Make your bed each morning.


Something as simple as making your bed each morning will completely transform your home. It's typically the largest feature in your room, so having it made and tidy will create a sense of calming order.

11. Tidy up for five minutes each day.

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Pick a different room each day to clean. You'd be amazed how much of a difference five minutes of cleaning a day will make.

12. Infuse your water with fruit.

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Each morning, fill a pitcher of filtered water with fruits and herbs. Not only will it be a refreshing addition to your kitchen, but it will also help satisfy your sweet tooth.

13. Brighten a room with fresh flowers.

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Flowers are a perfect way to purify the air, brighten a room, and add an aromatic, floral scent to each room in your home.

Making easy changes in your home can lead to big transformations. Comfort Inn and Comfort Suites are also making changes to transform your stay, so you can be rested, set, and ready to take on the day.