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The 13 Best Two-Sentence Vacation Stories You've Ever Read

"Stop the car. We left your sister at the gas station." Great people make for great vacations, and even better stories.

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1. "Got into a HUGE fight with my boyfriend when he insisted we go to a fancy dinner, even though I was tired after a long day of sightseeing in New York City. So the poor guy was forced to get down on one knee and propose in the hotel room."

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2. "I fell asleep on the train in NYC and woke up in Washington, D.C. Only problem was: The reunion was in Baltimore."

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3. "Drove cross-country with my sister and her frisky dog, Peep. We couldn't figure out why cars kept honking at us — until we realized Peep was getting 'frisky' in the backseat with his favorite plushie."

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4. "A mother-daughter spa retreat is my idea of fun. My husband's idea of fun was to surprise us with the trip."

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5. "Went to Nashville on a business trip with my work BFF. Both meetings were canceled."

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6. "While visiting Atlanta, my family drove past the house my grandparents lived in as newlyweds. Little did I know that when I moved to the city a year later, that same house would be on the market — and in my price range."

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7. "Fractured my elbow playing beach volleyball with my sorority sisters. They don’t call it spring break for nothing."

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8. "Family road trips can be stressful, particularly when Dad insists on driving because it’s his birthday. He just turned 85."

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9. "BURNING!! MAN!!"

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10. "I flew from Seattle to a bachelorette party in Asheville and spent three long days drinking with all my friends. I’m told we had a good time."

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11. "I fell in love with the guy who offered me his window seat. After the plane landed, I spent three days in San Diego with the man who got a first-class upgrade and left me sitting middle in coach."


12. "When I was six years old, my dad took me fishing in Montana. For his sixtieth birthday, I took him back."

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13. "I’ll never forget the smile on her face as she passed me in the left lane on Route 66. Two years later, it’s only fitting that we marry at that exact spot: Mile Marker 103."

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Do you have a great vacation story? Can you tell it in just two sentences?

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