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10 Chocolates That Are Too Beautiful To Eat

Would you eat these, or put them on display like grandma's fine china?

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This chocolatey solar system includes all the planets except Pluto, because yanno, it can't sit with the others.


Mercury (coconut mango), Venus (cream lemon), Earth (cacao), Mars (orange praline), Jupiter (vanilla), Saturn (rum raisin), Uranus (milk tea) and Neptune (capuccino)

9. The chocolate Benedict Cumberbatch.

Matt Alexander / PA / Via

Chocolatier Jen Lindsay-Clark makes final adjustments to a life-size chocolate sculpture of actor Benedict Cumberbatch, which has been created to celebrate the launch of a television channel Drama. A crew of eight people worked on the sculpture, which took over 250 man hours to create and weighs 40kg.

11. Bonus: These meal plans with built-In guilt free chocolate rewards.

Eat The Chocolate / Via

Chocoholic moms Teri and Kathleen have created delicious health meal plans that include chocolate rewards that won't leave you feeling guilty. You can even get a sample plan free on their website

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